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For the First Time in North America

Ethno-trio “Troitsa”

October 18, 2019
7:30 pm

Mod Club Theatre,
722 College St., Toronto

Ethno-trio “Troitsa” is one of the best world music bands in ethno-fusion style with an open, mysterious and often meditative sound, founded in 2006, participated in over hundreds of festivals all over the world.

Troitsa connects old Belarussian music to modern sounding acoustic music tools.

The band uses a wide variety of traditional Belarusian musical instruments such as domra (three-stringed mandolin), smyk, gusli (zither), pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas (single-reed hornpipe), lyre, ocarinas, and wargan (jaw harp), joined by global percussion and persuasive guitars. The participants of over the 400 international festivals and performances.



  • General Admission: $50
  • VIP: $60


In 1996 in an East European country Belarus, which is situated between Poland and Russia, and also has common borders with Ukraine and Lithuania, has appeared the group “Troitsa“.

The founder and the creative inspirer of collective were Ivan Kirtchuk, the senior lecturer of the University of Culture in Minsk, capital of the country. It was decided to name the group “Troitsa”, that in translation means the numeral three, or the religious term “Trinity”, which underlines the connection of group with national traditions. The idea of the creation of such group has appeared at Ivan in 1986 when he was collecting ethnographic material in Belarus villages. The main motive which has induced him to this step was the desire to popularize national songs, to connect them with universal musical traditions. In fact, even the history of native land in which different cultural influences mixed up brought to the creation of such music.

The group is known outside of native land. In 1997 the collective became popular in Russia, and in 1998 makes the big tour across Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and Portugal.

This success has been connected to the singularity of their compositions, utilization of a huge number of musical instruments, and also to the high professionalism of musicians – the strong voice of Ivan and great play technics.

Troitsa - In Germany

“Troitsa” at once started using not only national instruments but also instruments from any country of the world, keeping old Belarus language in songs. Critics named the style of their music Folk-fusion, with the influence of world music. In 1998 the group was noticed by Netherlands sound recording company PAN records, this company offers the contract on the release of the debut album “Troitsa”. After the release of the album, some concerts in Byelorussia and in Holland, where collective is loved very much, there is a creative break between members of “Troitsa”.

Troitsa members:

Ivan Kirchuk

Ivan Kirchuk
Lead vocal, 12-string guitar, 3 & 4-str. domras, smyk, gusli, pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas, lyre, ocarinas, wargan (jawharp), pipe, rainmaker, duda, kalimba;

Yury Dzmitrieu

Yury Dzmitrieu
6 and 12-string guitars, 4-str. domra, smyk, zither, vocal;

Yury Paulouski

Yury Paulouski
drums, gong, darabuka, gundang, anklung, bells, zvany (horsebells), wood stick, cowbell, kalimba, djembe, bamboofon.

Special guests:

BM-13 Katüsha / Toronto, Canada

BM-13 Katüsha is a folk fusion band based in Toronto, Canada. The band’s inspiration comes from a diversity of traditional, urban-folk music and contemporary rock music of Russia as well as other Slavic countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria and others). The band was created in 2017 and featured in “Guitar Nights” – Toronto’s Russian-speaking concerts series, as well as “Dobroslet”-an open-air festival of Russian rock music and creativity.

The band is fronted by Ekaterina, a versatile singer and a multi-instrumentalist (percussion, zhaleika and recorder) with passion for studying and performing traditional music from the Balkans, East Slavic cultures and the Near East, the sounds of which are also heard in her current folk ensembles Blisk and Meden Glas.

Other members include:

  • Fedor Bondar – flute, jaw harp & beatbox (Bondar FM)
  • Nickolai Levashov – drums (Rndm01)
  • Dmitry Lesov – bass & Chapman Stick (Half Past Four)
  • Constantin Necrasov – guitar (Half Past Four )

BM-13 Katüsha


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